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Emergency Veterinarians in Winnipeg

At Southglen Veterinary Hospital, our team of emergency veterinarians in Winnipeg is here to assist your pet in its time of need. While no pet owner ever wants to face a veterinary emergency, it's important to have a veterinarian you can trust in the event of a serious injury, illness or other life-threatening situations. Our vet hospital is open every day of the week (including weekends), and unlike many other veterinary offices, does not charge additional fees for emergency care during our extended hours. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your pet is receiving the quality care he or she needs without worrying about additional fees.emergency veterinarians in winnipeg

Signs Your Pet Needs and Emergency Vet

Sometimes, it's pretty obvious when a pet is in need of emergency vet care. For example, if your pet has been hit by a car or is having difficulty breathing, then you know this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Other times, however, it's not always so cut-and-dry for pet owners to determine when a pet is in need of an emergency vet visit. If you're ever unsure about whether you need to bring your pet in, we invite you to give our office a call to inquire; we'd be happy to provide you with further guidance so you can make the right decision for your pet's needs.

Still, there are some telltale signs that all pet owners should be on the lookout for and that would likely indicate the need for emergency care. These include:

  • severe vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • ingestion of a toxin or poison
  • rapid breathing
  • seizures
  • loss of consciousness
  • pale-coloured gums

How Our Vet Hospital Can Help

Our emergency veterinarians have years of experience in caring for pets in dire situations. From treating pets who have accidentally ingested something toxic to stabilizing pets who have lost consciousness, our team has the resources and knowledge to provide the highest standard of care. If your pet experiences a medical emergency, we ask that you give us a call on your way into our clinic (if possible) so that we can have emergency staff ready and waiting to assist your pet when you arrive. Furthermore, if your pet has been injured by blunt force trauma (such as having been struck by a car), we encourage you to transport your pet with as little movement to the neck and spine as possible. This may help to prevent further injuring your pet. Our very own Dr. Sra will be here to assist with any emergency surgery or other treatment that may need to be done upon your pet's arrival.

Contact Southglen Veterinary Hospital Today!

Experiencing a veterinary emergency can be scary, but our team at Southglen Veterinary Hospital is here to help. You can reach us at (204) 452-0077. We also have a 24/7 emergency location available at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital, so you can contact them for after-hours emergencies at (204) 452-0911.