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Pet Dental Care From Our Dedicated Veterinarians in Winnipegpet dental

Even if you're scrupulous about your own dental health, it's all too easy to forget that pets need dental care too. Diseases and injuries can wreak havoc on your beloved friend's teeth, gums and oral cavity. Fortunately, you don't have to worry when your pet is receiving regular dental care from Southglen Veterinary Hospital. Our dedicated team of veterinarians in Winnipeg can administer everything from teeth cleaning and lifestyle advice to dental surgery so your pet can enjoy a lifetime of better dental health.

Why Pet Dental Care Is So Important

Pets rely even more heavily on their mouths than humans do, not only for eating but also for exploring their world and hauling items. This may give you the false impression that an animal's teeth are indestructible -- when in reality, your pet's are just as susceptible to problems as your own. These problems may include:

  • Periodontal disease - This form of gum disease is extremely common in adult pets, thanks to the buildup of tartar on teeth. Bacteria, which are attracted to this tartar as a food source, cause the body to mount an immune reaction, creating inflammation that can lead to jaw abscesses, painful chewing and tooth loss.
  • Dental damage and infections - A broken tooth that exposes the nervous tissue of the pulp chamber can be agonizingly painful for your pet. To make matters worse, bacteria can enter and infect the pulp chamber and root canal. Bacterial infections can even spread through the bloodstream to vital organs.
  • Oral cancer - Oral cancer can grow quickly, doing significant damage and possibly causing death if not treated early and aggressively. These cancers may be obvious to owners only in their advanced stages.

We Offer Exams, Teeth Cleaning, Dental Surgery and Other Essentials

Pet dental care begins with regular dental exams at our vet hospital. Our veterinarians in Winnipeg can take dental X-rays and inspect the mouth carefully for any signs of disease or other dental problems. Teeth cleaning is typically performed in the course of the exam. This procedure, which is administered under anesthesia, removes tough tartar even beneath gum line, discouraging bacterial infestation.

If a problem exists, rest assured that we can provide the necessary treatment, including dental surgery. For example, a severely infected or damaged tooth may need extracting to restore chewing comfort and eliminate any disease threat. We may also recommend surgery to remove oral tumors, along with any other treatments your pet may require.

Our skilled vet team can even help you help your pet's teeth and mouth. We can instruct you on how to recognize possible dental problems, brush your pet's teeth and select tartar-fighting chew toys and foods.

Call Our  Winnipeg Vet Hospital Today for a Dental Exam

Call (204) 452-0077 to schedule a dental exam at Southglen Veterinary Hospital. A good look inside your pet's mouth can help us look after his health!