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Euthanasia Services for Pets

It can be incredibly difficult for fur parents to see their cherished pet’s health and quality of life deteriorating. The conversation around euthanasia is heavy and even more difficult to consider. We want you to know that Southglen Veterinary Hospital is here to provide support and advice to you when it’s time to discuss end of life care.

What is euthanasia in pets?

Euthanasia is a gentle and painless way to end your pet’s life, as they would otherwise suffer. This is only recommended by veterinarians when all medical procedures to remedy your pet’s condition/illness have been unsuccessful.

How is euthanasia carried out in my pet?

The procedure begins with giving your pet a sedative, and then they are given medication to end their suffering. It only takes seconds to complete and during that time, your pet does not experience any discomfort or pain.

When does euthanasia become an option for my pet?

Euthanasia should only be carried out when your pet’s quality of life becomes poor. As a pet owner if you notice that your pet is having more bad days than good and becoming less of their usual selves then you might want to speak with your veterinarian. Some signs that indicate your pet’s quality of life is poor are if they are:

  • Less playful
  • Sleeping a lot
  • In pain
  • Eating or drinking less
  • Losing weight
  • Hiding from you and other people/animals
  • Less interactive
  • Displaying increased vocalizations
  • Shaking or trembling
    These are all signs that your pet is in pain or their health is declining. If you notice any of these signs in your pet with no apparent reason speak with a veterinarian. At Southglen Veterinary Hospital we are here to listen to your concerns about your pet’s health. Give us a call at 204-452-0077.


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