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Spay and Neutering for Pets

As a pet parent, you can look out for the well-being of your pet in many ways. Spaying and neutering are surgeries in pets that prevents unwanted pregnancies and can prevent other illnesses in your pet such as cancer. Our veterinarians use modern equipment to perform this type of surgery.

What is spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that prevents pets from reproducing. Spaying refers to the removal of a pet’s ovaries and uterus. Neutering is the removal of the testicles in male pets.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

The general recommendation for spay or neuter surgery in cats is before six months old and before six and a half months in dogs. Spaying or neutering your pet at an early age reduces the possibility of unplanned litters. Be sure to consult your veterinarian for more information on when to spay or neuter your pet. Reach out to us at 204-452-0077.

What are the benefits of spaying and neutering?

There are many benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered; the most obvious is to prevent pregnancies. The prevention of unwanted pregnancies results in less animal overpopulation. Other benefits include:

  • Prevention of prostate, ovarian and breast cancers and uterine infections. When spaying is performed before the first heat cycle, the chances of developing cancers and infections are reduced. In males, testicular tumours do not develop if they are neutered.
  • Better mannerisms or behaviours in pets. A neutered male is less likely to be aggressive towards other males and are less likely to spray or urinate to mark territory. When pets are spayed and neutered, the heat cycle is eliminated so they are less likely to stray or roam about to procreate.
  • Other procedures can also be performed during surgery. To save your pet from another veterinarian visit we can perform microchipping, hernia repair and teeth cleaning when your pet gets spayed or neutered.

  • How can I prepare my pet for spaying and neutering surgery?

    To ensure your pet is healthy for surgery, our veterinarians will perform a health examination and blood testing. If your pet has any underlying conditions we will detect them and determine if surgery is a good option. It is also recommended that your pet is up to date with their vaccinations prior to surgery.

    Can my older pet be spayed or neutered?

    Absolutely! Though it is commonly believed that older pets cannot be spayed or neutered, it is not true. Pets 7 years and older can be neutered or spayed as long as they are healthy for anesthesia.


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