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Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Veterinarian Serving Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our Veterinary Team Is Your Source For Orthopedic Pet Surgery

There are new advancements in orthopedic surgery, and our hospital is pleased to offer many of the latest surgical techniques. As a dedicated pet owner you always have your pet's wellness in mind. When your pet experiences an accident, illness or injury our team of veterinarians are ready to help. In many cases, orthopedic surgery for your pet may be the decision necessary to improve quality of life and reduce pain.

When Orthopedic Surgery Can Help Your Pet

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There are many circumstances when our pets may require orthopedic surgery. These include cruciate ligament injury, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and different types of fractures. Thanks to the latest state of the art techniques, some pets even return home the same day that their surgery is performed. In many instances, we like to observe our furry patients and will keep them overnight for observation and the best pain control.

We receive many questions about the safety of anesthesia. Our inhalant general anesthesia helps our patients undergo surgical procedures with the most comfort possible. Before each surgery is performed you will bring your pet for a pre-op examination. We will run any necessary blood or lab tests that may  influence the type, or amount of anesthetic medication that is administered during your pet's surgery. At your pre-op consultation we can also discuss any follow-up medications, home care procedures, follow-up visits such as x-rays, or dietary restrictions that may go into effect during the recovery phase. Our veterinarians will also let you know what type of rehabilitation they expect that your pet will need following surgery. We encourage you to ask about any concerns you may be curious about at this time.

While each pet's recovery will vary, you can expect a relief and rehabilitation phase. The first 24-48 hours your pet may be slightly groggy and tired, this is normal. Be sure to keep your pet in a safe, confined area where you can continually observe them. Your pet may also have difficulty going outside or in their litter box to toilet just following surgery. Dogs may need assistance to go outside, or an area with puppy pads set up, and very shallow pans with litter for cats. If your pet has a bandage it must be kept clean and dry at all times.  Check your pet's toes to watch for swelling each morning. At your pet's follow-up appointment we review healing and move forward to prescribe a rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation programs help protect your investment of orthopedic surgery and help your dog or cat return to their regular, daily routines with improved range of motion and decreased pain. We will prescribe any home exercise programs that may help increase healing and recovery.

Our Southglen team of veterinarians are ready to help your pet become pain free.

To make an appointment for an orthopedic surgery consultation, please call us at (204) 452-0077.