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Canine Physical Rehabilitation at Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Physical therapy is a mainstay in human medicine for quicker recuperation from surgery and injury, and now, physical rehabilitation is emerging as an important treatment in veterinary services for canine patients. Our veterinarian in Winnipeg is one of the few in the area who offers clients a certified canine physical rehabilitation program to give their pet a faster and less painful recovery from post-orthopedic surgery and injury.

What is Canine Physical Rehabilitation?

The goal of canine physical rehabilitation is to help the dog gain mobility where there was previous impairment from surgery, injury, or congenital problem. In our vet clinic, every dog undergoes a program designed specifically for him or her. Each plan has some combination of modalities that may include physical massage, exercise and laser therapy. The end result is a faster recovery and fewer complications from a long period of rest.   

Our Training for Certification

We are proud to say our veterinarian in Winnipeg is a Certified Canine Physical Rehabilitation Specialist and that we also have a Certified Canine Physical Rehabilitation Assistant on staff. Training for this certification is intensive and requires intensive education in the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Physical issues that require rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic needs assessments
  • Manual and massage therapy
  • Other modalities
  • Exercise techniques

Post-Operative Physical Rehabilitation

The most common need for canine rehabilitation in our vet clinic is after orthopedic surgeries when our veterinarian has operated to repair a cruciate ligament injury, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and different types of fractures. Although in the long run your pet will feel better and have far better mobility, in the short term there is pain and limited mobility. This is where physical rehabilitation therapy comes in. With an individual treatment plan for each dog, your pet will be back to his or her daily routine and have an improved range of motion in a much shorter time.

Physical Rehabilitation Modalities

We use a number of modalities to improve your pet’s healing. We perform massage therapy to help loosen muscle and tendon tightness, to promote improved flexibility and soothe your pet’s pain. Laser therapy is a wonderful treatment that promotes healing from within the pet’s injured tissues. A low-level laser is directed to the area over the injury and a warm, non-invasive light penetrates into the inner and painful tissues. The laser reduces the inflammation that comes with arthritis and injury as well as promotes the growth of new, healthy cells, both of which lessen pain and hasten the healing process.

When your dog is in pain, he or she will most likely suffer in silence.  With our canine physical rehabilitation service, your veterinarian in Winnipeg can quickly and non-invasively help him or her recover and feel better. Call our vet clinic for more details, and be sure to ask about our new client special.