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Dental Surgery With Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Welcome to the Southglen Veterinary Hospital, your favourite veterinarian in Winnipeg. We offer dental care for dog and cats, as well as serving as your local vet hospital. In order to best treat your pet’s dental needs we do dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, and tooth extraction onsite here at our animal hospital. This saves you time and hassle of trying to find a separate dental care provider for your pets. Find out more about what to expect with dental care in Winnipeg at the Southglen Veterinary Hospital.

Dog seeing winnipeg veterinarian for dental surgery

Dental Surgery Available with Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

As your veterinarian in Winnipeg we offer comprehensive dental surgery services and treatments. For starters we use full dental x-rays and dental radiographs to evaluate your pet’s dental care situation. This gives us a clear picture regarding the bone structure of the jaw and teeth. Furthermore we can use dental radiography to identify inflammation, infection, or impacted teeth. This allows us to best treat your pet’s dental needs without utilizing exploratory dental surgery. 

Reasons Your Pet May Need Dental Surgery

Often times our pet owners aren’t sure if dental surgery is necessary. As such we have compiled several reasons why dental surgery can be beneficial, if not lifesaving, for your pet. For instance, if your pet has jaw issues, such as an unaligned jaw or infection, we can use surgery to get to the root of the issue. We also use surgical procedures to handle tooth extraction as needed for animals.

Reasons for tooth extraction vary, but we typically use this method to prevent teeth from grinding or being crowded. We also opt for pet tooth extraction in the case of malocclusion. Additionally, we use extraction methods to remove baby teeth from pets. This ensures these teeth are not crowding the growth of adult teeth. It is also beneficial for preventing food and bacteria accumulation on baby teeth that are ready to be lost in order for adult teeth to grow in.

Choosing Dental Care for Dog and Cats With Your Winnipeg Veterinarian

When it comes to dental care for dog and cats we provide the most comprehensive services here at the Southglen Veterinary Hospital. Our goal is to help your pet have a healthy life through the treatment of their dental needs. If you are looking for a vet hospital in Winnipeg in order to meet your pet’s dental care needs, let us be that provider. Contact the Southglen Veterinary Hospital today to schedule a dental check for your pet. Following a comprehensive dental exam including dental x-rays for pets we will set up a dental surgery schedule that best suits you and your pet’s needs. Thank you for considering the Southglen Veterinary Hospital as your dental care provider in Winnipeg.