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Importance of Cleaning Your Pet's Teeth

Pet Teeth Cleaning in WinnipegYour pet needs regular cleaning in order to prevent serious gum disease and tooth decay. Without the proper cleaning, your pet may experience painful dental problems later in life. Dental problems can cause important teeth to fall out, making it difficult for your pet to chew. Even if symptoms of disease are not apparent, your pet likely suffers from plaque build up, tartar and bacteria that can inflame the gums and decay the teeth.

Symptoms of Poor Dental Hygiene

Many pets do not want to sit still for regular teeth brushing and are difficult to work with so pet owners avoid the task. However, leaving a dog or cat’s teeth alone means bacteria will fester and cause the gums to pull away from the teeth over time. Call your vet to schedule a professional teeth cleaning appointment for your pet if you do not brush your pet’s teeth regularly or you notice:

  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Foul-smelling breath
  • Difficulty eating

“Good breath” does not actually mean all the plaque is out of your pet’s mouth or that no disease is present. Even if your pet seems fine, you should still have his or her oral health checked regularly.

Cleaning Your Pet’s Teeth at Home

We all know it is a difficult task to calm your pet down and allow them to clean out their mouth. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth, however, will greatly reduce the plaque and a need for frequent visits to the pet dentist. It is important to note that while brushing your pet’s teeth on a frequent basis is excellent for their oral health, it still does not clean the teeth below the gum line. Therefore, regular home tooth maintenance should be combined with professional vet dental care for your pet to ensure complete oral health.

Professional Pet Dental Care

Your pet will be put under anesthesia and their mouth will be thoroughly examined by the pet dentist. Anesthesia ensures your pet has a better experience during the pet dental care procedure, is able to get a complete exam and is safe during the procedure. Your pet will be monitored by a trained veterinary technician during the entire process.

This procedure will include cleaning of the teeth both above and below the gumline of all plaque and tartar buildup. The vet will also able to examine the teeth carefully for signs of decay or gum disease and recommend any necessary teeth for extraction. If teeth have already been determined to be beyond care, they can be extracted at this time by the dentist. Your vet will polish the teeth before the end of the exam.

Many pet owners wonder if they should be worried about putting their pet under anesthesia for a treatment like this. While putting your pet under anesthesia is something we avoid when possible, it is much less dangerous to your pet than allowing dental disease to take over your pet’s mouth. As your veterinarians in Winnipeg, we can help you determine if a pet dental care visit is necessary.