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Pet Dental FAQs Answered by our Winnipeg Veterinarians

Your pet may seem like the picture of health, but are you including his teeth, mouth, and gums in that picture? What do you need to know about pet dental issues, and how can you help your pet enjoy optimal dental health? Here are the answers to some frequently asked pet dental questions received here at Southglen Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg.

dog with a toothbrush in his mouth

1. What is the single most common dental problem in pets?

Periodontal disease is the most widespread problem among pets, affecting most adults and cats to some degree. This disease is an inflammatory gum condition initiated by bacteria that settle on tartar-covered teeth.

2. What are the consequences of periodontal disease?

In addition to red, swollen, receding gums, periodontal disease can cause the teeth's connective ligaments to weaken, resulting in tooth loss. The bacterial infiltration may spread through the gums and affect other parts of the body, including major organs.

3. Do pets get oral cancer?

Even though pets don't smoke, they can still get oral cancer just as humans can. This fast-moving, deadly cancer may not be evident to pet owners until your pet's condition is extremely severe.

4. Does my pet have a dental infection or abscess?

Foul breath, facial swelling, obvious pain, and sometimes even eye symptoms can indicate a dental infection or abscess. Like a periodontal disease, this condition can lead to serious complications.

5. My pet has broken a tooth. How serious is this problem?

A damaged tooth needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. In addition to the pain your pet is probably experiencing, a crack or break can allow bacteria to enter the tooth chamber, leading to an infection or abscess.

6. How do I keep my pet free of dental diseases and disorders?

Regular dental examinations are the simplest, most effective way to keep your pet's mouth in good shape. We can X-rays the teeth, inspect the gums, and detect oral cancer in its early stages.

7. What's the purpose of teeth cleaning under anesthesia?

Teeth cleaning under anesthesia lets us remove tartar, including tartar under the gum line, while your pet remains still and relaxed.

8. What treatments can you provide for dental problems?

We can provide antibiotic treatment, pain relief, tooth extractions, cancer surgery, and other forms of dental care. We can also give you preventative care tips you can use at home.

Contact Southglen Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg for All Your Pet Dental Answers

Southglen Veterinary Hospital is ready to provide you with all the pet dental solutions your pet needs for a healthy mouth and a happy life. Call (204) 452-0077 to schedule a dental exam and teeth cleaning with our Winnipeg veterinarian!