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Annual Health Exams At Southglen Veterinary Hospital

Veterinarian Serving Winnipeg and the Surrounding Cities

Southglen Veterinary Hospital Is Your Source For Annual Pet Health Exams

annual pet health exams cat sniffing handOur caring veterinary team cannot stress enough how important annual health exams are for all of our pet friends. Pet health exams help prevent your pet from contracting serious illnesses, help to spot the early signs of a health concern and aid in stopping the spread of diseases between animals. The ASPCA says that many animal owners sensing the fear of their pets find it easier to simply skip their annual health exams. We are however sensitive to your pet's needs- our experienced team is devoted to providing the most comprehensive exams to your pet in a relaxed environment at our veterinary hospital.

What To Expect From Your Annual Pet Health Exams

It's always nice to have an idea of what takes place during an annual health exam for your pet. During our annual pet health exams we will observe and examine your pet as well as answer any questions you may have about their regular daily routine. We will examine your pet to determine if any fatty tumors, skin conditions or coat concerns are present. At this time we observe and palpate for nodulation that may be affecting joints as well as observe any range of motion restrictions that may be taking place. We will also examine your pet's dental health at this time. We look at and in both ears to determine if an infection or allergic condition may be taking place as well. Infections often take place deep within the ear canal where only inspection with a special instrument at our office can determine the status. The annual exam is much like your exam. We will listen to your pet's lung sounds and heart rhythms to rule out any concerns.

Many pets are ready to receive vaccinations or boosters for vaccinations during their annual health exams. They may also be due for a heart worm and flea and tick treatment as well. When you come in, please let us know if you think your dog may be experiencing trepidation or if your dog is known to become aggressive in new settings. We strive to accommodate each pet's individual needs during their exam. We suggest bringing your pet's favorite treat to the visit to help them feel more comfortable. Treats can help guide the exam in a more relaxed manner for your pet as we transition between procedures such as taking their temperature, weighing and measuring as well as routine blood testing.

Your pet's annual health exam is your opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please ask us any questions about your pet's diet and nutritional needs, if their behavior has changed or any other observations you may have made regarding your pet's health.

Remember, preventing health concerns for our pets is much easier than having to deal with one that arises. We look forward to seeing your pet at their annual health exam soon.