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Digital X-Rays in Winnipeg

Digital radiography continues to gallop in popularity in veterinary medicine. That’s because it has so many benefits for both vets and pets when compared to a traditional film X-ray. Images can be obtained faster and with much greater accuracy. Since digital X-rays are much faster, pets spend less time under anesthesia for surgical procedures and professional dental cleanings. There’s also less radiation used to produce a digital image than an X-ray on film.

All About Digital Radiography in Veterinary Medicine

male veterinarian with a german sheperd

The diagnostic power of digital radiography allows vets to identify disease and other problems more precisely. Its dynamic range of more shades of grey enables detection of lesions, soft tissue injuries and fractures. Plus, its software makes it possible to take perform measurements, such as the hip angle in a cat or heart dimensions. And if your pet needs a specialist, digital X-ray files can be easily shared to provide critical information in pet emergencies. Digital X-rays can be stored electronically for future reference. Pet owners also love digital radiography. With high-quality images and real-time diagnosis, pet owners can see exactly what the problem is. The move from analog to digital takes veterinary medicine to a new level!

Your Choice Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Southglen Veterinary Hospital is your choice veterinarian in Winnipeg. From wellness exams to dental care and pet neutering to pet surgery, we’re the one-stop-shop vet service. We offer pet care in a caring environment and implement the latest in vet technology. We use digital radiography prior to pet dental care and pet surgery. It helps our vets identify jaw fractures, oral tumors, broken teeth, tooth root abscesses and more.

Our Winnipeg veterinarians are very experienced in orthopedic pet surgery for both cats and dogs, including hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament injury, fractures and misplaced kneecaps. Before surgery, we perform digital radiography to get a clear picture of your furry friend’s injury. We also run blood workup to determine the amount of anesthetic medication that is appropriate for your pet’s breed, age and injury. Pet owners’ pre-op consultations include the administration of pain meds, home care procedures and any needed follow-up visits for additional digital X-rays. Likely, your pet will need additional digital X-rays to monitor progress post-op.

Sometimes, pets incur soft tissue injuries. If your pet has swallowed a foreign object, gastrointestinal surgery may be needed. With a digital X-ray, we can clearly identify the foreign object. Digital radiography is also extremely helpful for bladder surgery to remove stones and liver surgery to identify and remove diseased masses.

If your pet has incurred an injury or has changed daily behavior and routine, give us call at Southglen Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment. We’ll do a nose to tail exam, run lab tests and take digital X-rays to identify the underlying problem. At Southglen Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pet like a part of the family.

For more information about Digital X-rays at Southglen Veterinary Hospital, give us a call today at (204) 452-0077