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Laser Therapy FAQs

Is Laser Therapy Completely Safe for My Pet?

Yes, Laser therapy simply uses energy to stimulate the cell’s ability to heal. There is nothing damaging or threatening about the treatments. There are no known negative side effects from laser therapy for pets.

Is Pet Laser Therapy the Same Laser Therapy Used on Humans?

Yes, Laser therapy has been found to work in a therapeutic manner for many illnesses and injuries in both humans and animals.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Therapeutic lasers manipulate energy particles, or photons, pushing them into the body’s soft tissues where they are absorbed. The photons then generate energy within the cells of the soft tissue, helping them heal faster and repair themselves.

Why Would My Pet Need Laser Therapy?

If your pet is struggling with musculoskeletal problems, laser therapy may be able to help. The laser therapy will aid healing, reduce pain and lessen inflammation in open wounds, bone fractures, skin problems, muscle tears and more. Lasers may even be helpful with certain neurological conditions. Older pets may appreciate relief from age-related stiffness, pain and aches with the use of laser therapy. Your veterinarian in Winnipeg will be able to suggest laser therapy if it could help your pet’s condition.

Where Can My Pet get Laser Treatments?

We provide laser therapy services at Southglen Veterinary Hospital.

How Long Does a Laser Treatment Take?

The amount of time your pet spends in therapy will depend on his or her specific needs. Most laser therapy sessions are shorter than 15 minutes.

Will My Pet Experience Pain Relief Quickly?

Laser therapy for pets usually provides pain relief on the first session, though some conditions require a series of treatments before a pet receives real benefit. In as few as three to five treatment sessions, most pets will show improvement from chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness, wound healing and other problems.

How Will My Pet Feel During a Laser Therapy Session?

Most pets seem to relax and enjoy the therapy sessions. The pet will lie down during the session and no pain can be felt from the laser. If we notice your pet seems stressed or hyperactive, we will provide a mild sedative just to take the edge off of your pet’s emotions. Most pets do not need the mild sedative and relax naturally during the session. The laser feels warm on the areas it treats, often providing a comforting and relaxing sensation for the soft tissue area. The vet will use a small handheld tool to deliver the laser beams, which provides your pet with a kind of massage during the treatment.

Will My Pet Act Differently After Treatment?

You may notice your pet is either more relaxed or more active after treatment. Some pets are feeling better after their sessions, so they are more prone to activity and renewed energy. Other pets relax with the massaging feel of the warm laser and continue to stay relaxed after the treatment ends.