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Ultrasounds From Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

An ultrasound device delivers sound waves into your pet's body to capture "echoes" of his internal organs. By using these echoes to create detailed images of the inside of a dog, cat or other animal. An ultrasound allows your Winnipeg veterinarian to see what may be causing your pet to be sick without performing exploratory surgery.

Cat at winnipeg veterinarian

Radiation-free sound waves emitted by an ultrasound machine are completely safe and inaudible since the frequency of the sound waves are too high pitched for humans or animals to hear. In addition, a pet exam at a state-of-the-art animal hospital often includes an ultrasound procedure as part of a preventative wellness check for pets at risk for certain diseases.

Why Your Winnipeg Veterinarian May Recommend an Ultrasound

Ultrasound testing may be ordered if your dog or cat:

  • Does not respond to medication for treating diarrhea and vomiting

  • Has abnormal blood tests come back from the lab

  • Suffers steady weight loss (no appetite changes)

  • Suffers recurring infections with no apparent cause

  • Has fluid build-up in the abdomen and/or chest

  • May be pregnant

  • Is pregnant and experiencing difficulty with the pregnancy

  • Is suspected of having kidney, bladder, spleen or liver disease

  • Is undergoing surgery in the future

  • Needs a biopsy

Although a pet ultrasound can detect tumors or other masses surrounding and within organs, a veterinarian won't be able to determine if the mass is malignant or benign without further imaging tests or additional blood work.

How Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg Performs an Ultrasound

Prior to using the ultrasound probe, your Winnipeg veterinarian will shave areas being scanned. Sound waves do not travel well through pet fur or human hair. However, your vet will shave only what is necessary to optimize sound wave imagery.

After applying warmed gel to your pet's shaved skin, your vet begins gently moving the ultrasound transducer over the areas in question. Your pet won't be put to sleep during the procedure, since ultrasound scanning is quick and painless.  For cats and nervous dogs behaving anxious or fearful before the test, we can provide a mild sedative to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Since your vet is viewing images in real-time, the results of an ultrasound pet exam are immediately provided to you following the procedure. If anything suspicious is found, your vet will discuss the full range of treatment options available relevant to their diagnosis.

Contact your Winnipeg Veterinarian Today!

To learn more about the benefits of pet ultrasounds and other diagnostic procedures available at our animal hospital in Winnipeg, please call Southglen Veterinary Hospital today!