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Minimally Invasive Surgery With Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

When you bring your pet to our veterinarians in Winnipeg, you may have questions about the treatment recommendations. When dealing with surgical procedures, you want to limit the risks and opt for a pet surgery with the lowest possible number of complications. In certain situations, a minimally invasive surgery is an appropriate solution to help your pet heal and recover.

cat after minimally invasive surgery in winnipeg with winnipeg veterinarian

What is a Minimally Invasive Surgery?

A minimally invasive surgery refers to any procedure with a limited risk of complications. It generally means a surgeon only makes a single small incision and uses techniques to limit the damage caused by the procedure.

In most cases, the procedure is handled on an out-patient basis and your pet does not need to stay in the animal hospital after a veterinarian in Winnipeg completes the surgery. It is a low-risk way to handle specific health concerns associated with your pet's health.

Common Procedures Considered Minimally Invasive

At Southglen Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of minimally invasive procedures based on the needs of your pet. Our animal hospital has the tools to handle a variety of surgical procedures, including emergencies and minimally invasive treatments.

Common procedures considered minimally invasive for your pet's health and body include:

  • Biopsies of the liver, lymph nodes and other organs

  • Removing foreign objects from a pet's stomach

  • Spaying

  • Cystotomy

  • Pericardectomy

  • Abdominal exploration

When a pet surgeon in our clinic recommends a treatment and explains the potential risks, most procedures allowing a pet to return home in the same day is considered minimally invasive. We explain the details of the procedure and help pet owners understand the risks to limit your concerns and help you learn appropriate ways to encourage the healing process when a pet returns home after a procedure.

Pet Surgery With Your Winnipeg Veterinarians

Pet surgery is not always a necessary treatment, so you need to understand the risks and potential complications of any procedure before you follow through with the treatment. Generally, our Winnipeg veterinarians only recommend surgery when it helps reduce risks to your pet's health or we notice something odd about your pet's health and body during an annual check-up. 

Surgery may be a necessity if your pet is involved in an accident and shows signs of extreme pain or discomfort. You may also want to consider a minimally invasive surgery if you notice a pet swallow an object that may harm his or her health. For example, if a pet swallows a child's toy or a coin, then a surgical procedure can help remove the object from a pet's stomach before it causes internal damage. Consider a surgical procedure when recommended by a veterinarian for health reasons.

Contact Your Winnipeg Veterinarians To Learn More!

Your pets may require surgery at different points in their life. Fortunately, many procedures are minimally invasive and have a low risk of complications due to the smaller incisions and the techniques used to help a pet heal. For more details about minimally invasive surgical procedures at Southglen Veterinary Hospital, contact us today.