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Foreign Object Removal at Southglen Veterinary Hospital

Some pets seem willing to eat just about anything, and from time to time their natural curiosity may lead them to do just that. Unfortunately, foreign objects aren't food -- and many of them can cause serious internal damage in their passage through the body. The good news is that your friends at Southglen Veterinary Hospital can use minimally invasive surgery or other foreign object removal techniques to rescue your beloved friend from this frightening scenario.foreign object removal at southglen veterinary hospital

When Your Pet Eats the Wrong Thing

Pets use their mouths, not just to eat, but also to explore and interact with their world. This may lead them to taste or play with all kinds of household objects, from holiday tinsel and bits of string to coins, marbles, and small toys. These indigestible objects can sometimes lodge painfully in the esophagus, stomach or intestines, creating serious blockages and inflammation. Even worse, sharp objects may actually perforate the digestive organs, creating a potentially fatal situation for your pet. Even "harmless" objects such as dental floss can actually saw their way through the organs as they're pushed through the digestive tract.

It's worth noting all foreign bodies are man-made objects. Hairballs, for instance, are common occurrences in cats that usually thrown up without incident. But even a hairball of sufficient size can clog your pet's digestive system.

Treatment Methods by Our Veterinarians in Winnipeg

If your pet is gagging, vomiting, lethargic, uninterested in food, exhibiting abnormal bowel habits or displaying abdominal pain, they may have swallowed a foreign object. Don't try to make your pet throw up or pass the object -- this may do even more harm. Our veterinarians in Winnipeg can X-ray your pet to see exactly what's in there, where it has gotten lodged and how to remove it. (We may even determine that the object can pass safely through your pet's body without intervention.)

The method of foreign object removal used depends on how where the object currently is. Objects lodged in the esophagus or stomach can be extracted using minimally invasive surgery. A technique called endoscopy enables us to use special tools inside a long, flexible tube that goes down your pet's throat. A tiny camera allows us to operate with the aid of a video monitor. Other internal surgical techniques may be necessary to remove a foreign object from the intestines. Whatever method is used, our veterinarians in Winnipeg will take every possible measure to ensure a safe, successful foreign object removal so your pet can return to his everyday life in optimal health.

Visit Our Southglen Veterinary Animal Hospital Today!

If you think your pet might have swallowed a foreign object, don't stick around to wait for the proof -- bring your pet to our animal hospital for immediate diagnosis and treatment. Southglen Veterinary Hospital has the tools, skills and compassionate care your pet urgently needs at a time like this. Call (204) 452-0077 for more details!