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Being vigilant about your pet’s health and wellness can mean the difference between a happy, healthy and active pet or a pet that is chronically in pain, infected and unhealthy. Our veterinarian in Winnipeg can help ensure your pet’s health and catch diseases and illnesses early.

Benefits of Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness Care in WinnipegMany pet owners do not understand the importance of regular wellness exams and maintaining vigilance in looking for potential illnesses and infections in their pets. The truth is that pets that are regularly examined and that have owners who are vigilant in looking for behavioral changes and potential infections and ailments live longer, happier and healthier lives, and those pets bond better with their human owners.

Adult pets are prone to mouth infections, ear mites, fleas and ticks as well as certain types of injuries. Senior pets are prone to heart and kidney disease, diabetes, being overweight, arthritis and degenerative joint diseases and bladder and kidney infections.

When pets are in pain or suffering from ailments and infections, they cannot live their lives fully or properly bond with their human owners. They may even prematurely start to slow down and become less active.

Maintaining your pet’s health also helps prevent pet emergencies and having to make difficult decisions about your pet’s medical care. Most illnesses in pets can be treated fairly simply if they are caught early. Diseases, illnesses and infections that care caught late can be expensive and time-consuming to treat, and certain illnesses may become impossible to completely cure.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy with Help from our Veterinarian in Winnipeg

To help keep your pet healthy, we offer pet wellness examines for puppies, kittens and adult and senior pets. We recommend getting your younger pets examined at least once a year. Senior pets should be examined every six months.

By having your pet regularly examined, illnesses can be found early and behavioral changes, weight gain and weight loss can be assessed and treated swiftly. Our veterinarian in Winnipeg perform nose to tail examinations. We look at your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose and throat. We feel for abnormalities in your pet’s abdomen. We listen to your pet’s lungs and check heart rate and temperature. We check for parasitic infestations, including fleas, ticks and ear mites, and we can take blood and stool samples to check for illnesses. If we suspect illnesses, we can order x-rays or additional tests to help confirm or eliminate a diagnosis.

By having your pet regularly checked at our veterinary hospital, you are creating a medical history for your pet and helping create a baseline for future exams, and by catching illnesses and diseases early, you are controlling your pet medical expenses, prolonging your pet’s life and helping prevent the need to make difficult medical decisions or having to utilize emergency veterinary services.

To schedule a pet wellness exam or a senior pet exam, call our Winnipeg office at 204-452-0077.