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Tick Prevention from Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg​

While your pet is outdoors, enjoying exercise and the fresh air, s/he is also venerable to ticks. Although they are often associated with springtime, we’re entering an era when ticks are a threat for much of the year in our region. Here in Winnipeg, the black legged tick (deer tick) is plentiful. To keep your pet safe from the dangers that tick bites can bring, your vet at Southglen Veterinary Hospital can help with the latest tick prevention medication. Our Winnipeg vet hospital offers convenient, effective flea and tick medicines to help ensure pet safety.

tick prevention from your veterinarian in winnipeg

Tick Prevention from Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg: Why It’s Important

Tick bites can create serious health problems for your pet, ranging from irritating skin infections to dangerous disease. Along with fleas, (the other common pet parasite), ticks feed on your pet’s blood, causing uncomfortable symptoms and serious illness. Ticks carry Lyme disease, spreading it from animal to animal as they feed on blood. If bitten by an infected tick, humans are also susceptible to the disease, which can cause heart problems and neurological disorders.

How Ticks Threaten Pet Safety

Signs of ticks and  potential Lyme disease include:

  • Red, itchy skin.
  • Skin infection.
  • Licking and scratching the skin, especially in a particular area(s).
  • Shaking the head.
  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • Fatigue.
  • Joint pain.
  • Long-term Lyme disease from a tick bite can cause auto-immune problems or kidney disease in your pet.

Preventing Tick-Borne Illness in Your Winnipeg Home

By combining the following prevention tactics and seeking swift treatment for symptoms, you can avoid tick bites, annoying symptoms and serious pet health problems like Lyme disease:

  • Vacuum and clean your home often.
  • Avoid high grassy areas.
  • Get your dog vaccinated for Lyme disease prevention.
  • Get annual tests for Lyme disease at the Winnipeg vet
  • Check your cat or dog’s fur when s/he comes indoors. Look in and around the ears, underarm areas and under the tail, where ticks love to hide.
  • If you find a tick, carefully remove it using fine tweezers, close to the skin surface. If possible, immerse the tick in a small container of alcohol and bring it for identification at our vet hospital. (Unless the tick has been attached to your pet for several hours, it has likely not transmitted an illness. Checking with our vet is still a good idea.)
  • Don’t give any tick prevention products or medication (over-the-counter or prescription) to the wrong pet. Cats and dogs may require different medicines, but not always--so follow your vet’s instructions.

New Option for Flea and Tick Treatment from Our Vet Hospital In Winnipeg

Simperica: This medication for dogs is 100% effective against ticks that carry Lyme disease, for an entire month. The product, the chewy, pork-flavored tablet kills both fleas and ticks in less than 8 hours. Simperica dosage is adjusted according to your pet’s weight. The medication kills several additional types of ticks as well and can be safely used with Heartgard and Revolution heartworm and flea medication.

Simperica is designed for dogs--but we also offer tick (and flea) treatment and parasite prevention for cats.

Contact Southglen Veterinary Hospital Today!

As your pet's trusted veterinarian in Winnipeg, we're here to help you improve your pet's quality of life and longevity. If your pet has a tick bite or you need parasite prevention advice, make an appointment with our animal hospital in Winnipeg. Contact Southglen Veterinary Hospital today at (204) 452-0077.