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Flea And Tick Prevention From Your Winnipeg Veterinarians​

Flea and tick prevention is an important part of pet ownership. Both fleas and ticks pose health risks to pets and their owners. They also often bring significant discomfort when they make their home on your pet. Fortunately, preventative measures today are quite effective. With the right products and regular exams, it is usually possible to avoid serious infestations on your pet. And when fleas or ticks do become a problem, modern veterinary medicine usually allows us to take care of them quickly and completely. As your Winnipeg veterinarians, we are your resource for flea and tick prevention!

flea and tick prevention from winnipeg veterinarians

Preventative Pet Care – Offering A Variety Of Flea And Tick Treatments

Preventative pet care is ideal for owners and pets. By being proactive and choosing a flea and tick preventative now, you can avoid major discomfort for your pet and the need for expensive treatments to eliminate pests throughout your home. Fleas, in particular, are capable of multiplying rapidly in the right conditions. Using a veterinarian prescribed flea preventative puts a stop to the problem before it ever gets out of hand.

Using the right preventative treatment not only helps avoid the itching and scratching brought on by fleas and ticks, it can also help prevent heartworms and Lyme disease. Many flea and tick preventatives also include heartworm protection, and tick preventatives help ensure that ticks are killed before they have the chance to transmit Lyme disease.

At our animal hospital, we will conduct a thorough exam of your pet and ask questions to learn about your pet’s lifestyle to determine which flea and tick preventative is right for you. Different treatments offer different advantages.

The two most common types of preventatives are:

Topical Medications

Topical medication, often called “spot on”, is a medication that you apply to your pet’s skin to destroy any fleas or ticks that come into contact with your pet. These products adhere to the skin and are designed to kill specific pests. Some kill only fleas, while others kill both fleas and ticks. Topical medications are the most popular form of preventative and can be applied around once per month to provide coverage. As long as the medication is completely dry before washing, you can even bathe your pet or let him or her swim as normal throughout the period indicated by the manufacturer.

Oral Medications

Oral medications are taken by mouth and typically last around a month. The advantage of oral medications is that you do not have to find a way to apply the medication to the skin – which can be challenging depending on the type of coat your pet has. As long as you can get your pet to ingest the medication, you can depend on coverage for the time indicated by the manufacturer. The only potential disadvantage of oral medications is that they do not repel fleas or ticks. The pests must bite your pet or attach to the skin to be affected by the medication.

Contact Our Animal Hospital In Winnipeg Today!

Please contact our animal hospital in Winnipeg today at (204) 452-0077 to schedule an appointment. We can help you determine which flea and tick preventative is right for you and your pet. We look forward to meeting with you!