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Diagnostic Tools for Pet Wellness

Today, there are many diagnostic tools for pet wellness. In veterinary radiology, digital X-rays and dental X-rays help identify pet health issues. The digital technology in digital X-rays is fast and offers better latitude and contrast than conventional radiology methods. After an X-ray is taken, a scanner digitizes the image and transfers it to a computer for display. Digital X-rays provide a large and accurate image of a pet’s bone structure. Plus, the images can be enlarged. Veterinary care teams use these high quality images to help explain pet injuries to owners. It’s an important tool for greater understanding of a pet’s injury.

vet holding cat for in-house diagnosticsDental X-rays are an important diagnostic tool. They display the internal anatomy of the teeth along with bones and roots. Typically, pets are sedated or anesthetized, as pets tend to move a lot when digital sensors are place in the mouth. All around, dental X-rays provide superior quality for a dental pet exam.

Ultrasound is a diagnostic technique that uses ultrasound wave to produce and image. Veterinarians can see the internal organs of a pet’s body, such as kidneys, spleen and gallbladder. Since this technology produces images in real time, it’s highly effective in detecting heart abnormalities. As the heart beats, blood flow and contractions of the heart muscle can be assessed.

Southglen Veterinary Hospital: Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

At Southglen Veterinary Hospital, we’re your go-to veterinarian in Winnepeg who uses the most advanced in-house general diagnostics tools to identify and treat pet illnesses, injuries and diseases. We also perform comprehensive pet exams and can order lab testing to check for parasitic infections or to help confirm or eliminate a diagnosis.

Diagnostic tools are especially important if your pet needs some type of surgery, such as orthopedic surgery and soft tissue surgery. Along with taking digital X-rays, we conduct diagnostic blood work in our lab testing to identify any underlying health conditions that may make it unsafe for using anesthesia. With a complete diagnostic testing laboratory located in-house at our hospital, our veterinarians and staff are able to run a full range of tests and blood work to closely check your pet’s internal health. Other diagnostic services at Southglen Veterinary Hospital include in-house radiography and ultrasonography, cytology, histopathology, EKG and microbiology and fungal cultures.

When your furry companion is sick or injured, it is vital to know exactly what is wrong in order to provide the best treatment. At Southglen Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians use the latest diagnostic equipment and methods that include digital X-ray, ultrasound, and a complete in-hospital testing laboratory to achieve the most accurate diagnoses possible.

If your pet is sick or injured, turn to us at Southglen Veterinary Hospital for an accurate, fast diagnosis and effective, caring treatment. We’re equipped with the best equipment and knowledge to help get your pet on the path to wellness.