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Lab Work at Southglen Veterinary Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Southglen Veterinary Hospital provides all of the services your pet needs. We take pride in providing a caring, comprehensive location so that your pet can receive the care he or she needs without having to visit multiple locations. If your pet needs diagnostic testing and lab work, visit our offices for an appointment. Your veterinarian in Winnipeg can handle most of the necessary blood work and testing for you right in our office during your wellness exam.lab work from your  veterinarian in winnipeg

Lab Work with Our In-House Diagnostics

Providing full in-house diagnostics service means we can handle most types of lab work in our location. This includes preventative care screenings through blood work as well as pre-screenings prior to surgery or illness diagnosis. We highly recommend calling us first when your pet is ill or you know he or she needs blood work completed.

Blood Testing Services

Both for preventative care and pre-surgical needs, our lab can handle all blood testing on your pet. This includes a complete blood count and chemistry panel. This type of blood test sheds light on potential illnesses and organ function. It can shed light on parasitic infections as well as other types of infections present in your animal. Blood testing can also reveal the presence of heartworms, a potentially dangerous type of infection infecting many pets.

Urine Screenings

Urine testing reveals a great deal of information about the function of the kidneys and liver. We complete a wide range of urine screenings in our office including those for urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney failure, and hormone imbalances. A urinalysis can take only minutes to gather and our team can begin looking at the results nearly right away.

Fecal Testing

It is common for pets to need fecal matter testing. From their bowel movements, we can provide a great deal of information that can help to make key decisions about their care and wellbeing. Fecal testing is a part of standard, preventative care, but it is also used when we believe your pet may be ill or be struggling with some type of disease. Fecal testing is often done to look for parasites. We begin routine tests when your animal is a puppy or a kitten.

Fast Results for Preventative Care and Surgical Care

When you visit our animal hospital because your pet is ill, the last thing you want to hear is that the lab work will be sent out to another location. Because we can complete this in our onsite lab, you don’t have to wait long to learn the information from it. Preventative care and surgical care diagnostics are available through routine appointments, doctor’s orders, or through pre-arranged orders set up prior to surgery.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Veterinarian in Winnipeg Today!

Call Southglen Veterinary Hospital to schedule your pet’s lab work. When you visit our animal hospital, your veterinarian in Winnipeg will answer any questions you have. Call us today: 204-452-0077. We look forward to meeting with you!