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Winnipeg Animal Hospital
Provides Experienced Veterinary &
Emergency Pet Care

Veterinarians Serving Winnipeg Manitoba

Welcome to Southglen Veterinary Hospital, where our work with your pet is our passion! At our Winnipeg animal hospital, we believe that proactive wellness care can help our pets live a healthy life. Our animal hospital offers a range of wellness services including annual exams, vaccinations, microchip pet identification, nutritional counseling, and spay or neuter operations. As a veterinary care provider, we offer companion animal care for not only dogs and cats, but also rabbits and ferrets.

Winnipeg Veterinary Clinic Providing
Dog and Cat Veterinary Services

Winnipeg Veterinary Clinic Offering Vet Services Our veterinary team recommends annual wellness exams for your pet. Just like your regular check-up with a physician, an annual exam is an important opportunity for our veterinarian to assess the health of your pet. During this exam, a veterinarian will perform a full physical to check for any lumps or bumps under your pet's skin. We will also conduct diagnostic blood work and take a fecal sample, if necessary. This allows us to screen for parasites and other illnesses before your pet exhibits physical symptoms. Just like in humans, the earlier we can detect a potential problem, the more our veterinary team can do to treat this condition.

During the annual wellness visit, our vet will confirm that your pet is up to date on all core vaccinations. Immunizations such as distemper and rabies require regular booster shots to maintain their effectiveness. We also offer the full puppy and kitten shot series. This series of vaccines is administered starting at four weeks of age through 16 weeks. As a young animal develops, these immunizations protect your pet from serious illness until his immune system has fully matured.

We offer spay and neuter operations along with other surgical procedures. Our vet clinic features a state-of-the-art surgical suite with advanced diagnostic technology, including digital radiography. This aids in the precise diagnose of illness. We follow strict pain protocols to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet during an operation. Our veterinarian recognizes that even "routine" procedures such as spaying or neutering can cause both pets and their owners anxiety. We do our best to help pets relax, and carefully monitor their vital signs during an operation.

Prior to administering anesthesia, our veterinarian conducts diagnostic blood work to ensure there are no potential health complications. Following an operation, we may keep your pet for a short time to monitor his recovery. Once we are confident that your pet is ready to return home, we will contact you. We send every pet home with a full list of at-home care instructions. We are also available at any time to answer questions about a surgical procedure or the care that follows.

Our veterinarians, Dr. Sra, Dr. Litchfield, Dr. Guinn, Dr. Lochhead, and Dr.Blankvoort recognize that your pets are an important part of your family. We are proud to provide pet care for your companion animals. Our team is available to answer questions or concerns you may have about your pet's care. Whether you need assistance meeting your pet's special dietary requirements or have concerns about vaccine protocols, we are here to help.

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